2017 Alaska Fire Conference

Special Events

TAP Party Sunday September 24 at 2:00 pm

For Your Guests

Friday, September 29th at 1:30 pm

Meet at the Fire Hall

On this day you will be taken to the Sitka Sound Science Center where your tour will start outside – so dress appropriately.  There you will experience the amazing diversity of the many creatures that thrive in our surrounding waters at the aquarium, wet lab and onsite fish hatchery.

After the Sitka Sound Science Center, you will be taken to the Fortress of the Bears.  They have 5 brown bears in captivity who will capture your hearts.  Brown bears are the only bears that live in and around Sitka.  But the Fortress of the Bears also houses 3 black bear.  You will be able to stand above their enclosures and watch the interactions of the 5 brown bear, who have two large outside areas they can travel to and from in.   So again, please dress appropriately for outside weather so you can enjoy the activity at the Fortress of the Bears.

Thursday, September 28th at 1:30 pm

Meet at the Fire Hall

On this day you will be going to the Alaska Raptor Center for a close up presentation of one of their special raptors, as well as a guided tour of their rehabilitation area and the forever home of birds from all over Alaska.  Many of the amazing birds are kept out side, so dress appropriately so that you can enjoy them.

After the Alaska Raptor Center, you will be taken to the Baranof Island Brewing Company where you will meet the fun and friendly staff who will give you a tour of the brewery and a bit about how they make each brew. 

Baranof Island Brewing Company (BIBCO) has made a special brew just for the 2017 Alaska Fire Conference.  They are calling this special brew, “Smoke before Fire a Hazy IPA”.  Join us in the Tap Room Sunday, September 24th at 2pm as we TAP the first keg!   BIBCO will be open every day from 2 – 8pm.  Their address is 1209 A Sawmill Creek Road, located behind the Sawmill Creek Cascade Convenience Store.